Deb Henry – Owner North Peak Riding Academy

I began riding at an early age, and never quite “outgrew” the horse craziness. I grew up wanting nothing more than to spend every waking moment at the barn…cleaning stalls, feeding horses, cleaning tack, or whatever. Along the way, I have met many amazing and inspiring horse people, who have helped to deepen my passion for horses. I was blessed to have supportive parents who bought me my
first horse at age 12, and continued to support my love and passion for the sport through my high school years.

My first love is the hunter/jumper discipline, and I showed extensively throughout my high school career. As an adult, I have studied natural horsemanship, and recently began taking dressage lessons.  The beauty of the world of horses is that there is always more to learn, and I continue to be a student as well as a teacher.

I began teaching 15 years ago, and have developed and managed several successful riding schools. I am passionate about instilling in riders the responsibility and strong communication skills needed to be confident horse people, while striving to make lessons fun and challenging.   I am thrilled about this next chapter in my journey with horses…owning North Peak Riding Academy, and look forward to all of the challenges, hard work, and rewards that are sure to come!

Jessica Jaronkzyk – Assistant Trainer

Jessica started riding when she was 5 years old. What her parents thought was just a one or two time thing turned into a lifelong passion. Jessica rode at Foxfield Riding School in Southern Ca. where she was able to grow and ride and develop many different horses and ponies.  She worked at the lesson barn on Saturdays starting at 10 years old helping groom and tack-up all of the school horses. As she got older she worked as a trainer and also did body clipping, and braiding to help finance “some” of her showing. She was lucky enough to be at shows very frequently competing in the hunter, jumper and equitation divisions. One of the best experiences she had was participating in the Foxfield Drill Team where the girls rode sans bridle and saddle; Jessica’s special performance was the high jump with arms out stretched.  After a thirteen year hiatus she is so happy to have found Deb and North Peak Riding academy where she can be around horses and teach up and coming riders. She is so excited to be a part of the team.