Lease Program:

For riders in our program that want more time in the saddle and the opportunity to practice  outside of lessons, we offer a half-lease program. Leases will be on a specific horse, to be determined at the start of the lease, and lease terms will be for a minimum of 3 months. All lessons and practice rides will be on that horse.  **Riders in the half-lease program will be allowed to jump up to 2’3″ in lessons and on-site schooling shows (depending on the horse leased and rider level)

  • 12 rides per month – $750/month
    • Minimum 4 lessons must be scheduled each month. Maximum of 8 lessons. Group lessons only.
    • Schedule the combination of lessons and practice rides that fit your schedule.

What is included:

  • A total of 12 rides per month, with a minimum of 4/maximum of 8 lessons scheduled for the
  • The opportunity to jump bigger jumps in lessons and NPRA schooling shows. (Up to 2’6, depending on rider ability and horse leased.)
  • All tack, equipment and supplies are provided by NPRA. Riders may use their own saddles, pads, etc if they have them, and they fit the horse, but are welcome to use NPRA tack at no additional charge.
  • All “costs of care” associated with horse leased. NPRA pays for all routine farrier, vet, board, and service expenses, as well as emergency expenses.
  •  A “replacement horse” in the event that the leased horse becomes injured, ill, or otherwise unusable during the lease, with the option to terminate lease with 30 days notice in the event of a horse replacement.

Horses currently available for half-lease: (max height each horse will be permitted to jump)

  • Romeo: 10 year old dutch warmblood gelding (2’6)
  • Simon: 18 year old thoroughbred gelding (2’3)
  • Bean: 6 year old Appendix Quarter Horse gelding (2’6)
  • Miles: 17 year old thoroughbred gelding (2’3)
  • Focus: 12 year old thoroughbred gelding (flat/dressage only)
  • Lola: 15 year old (flat/dressage only)

The terms:

  • Horse will be determined at the start of lease, and all lessons and practice rides will be on that horse for the duration of lease.
  • Lease duration may be for a 3 or 6 month term.
  • Lease fee is due on the 1st of each new month.
  • Lease agreement and acknowledgment of rules must be signed at start of lease.
  • Scheduling, cancellations and make-up lessons:
    • All lessons should be scheduled as usual through the booking system.
    • Practice ride days/times will be determined at the start of lease, and may be flexible month to
    • 24 hour cancellation policy and 14 day make-up period will apply for lessons.
    • No make-ups or credit will be granted for missed practice rides. No exceptions.

The rules for practice rides:

  • Riders under the age of 16 must have a parent or other responsible adult on-site during practice rides, unless prior approval is given by NPRA.
  • Proper attire (long pants and riding boots) are required at all times when handling the horses, and a helmet must be worn at all times while mounted.
  • Absolutely no jumping in practice rides.
  • Absolutely no riding off the property during practice rides.
  • Riders are responsible for the proper care of the horse and equipment before and after practice rides, and must also clean up after themselves and their horse!
  • Practice rides are limited to 1 hour (this includes warm up and cool down time)